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The GUIDE to the guides

To find your favourite Engineering School in Europe which offers the most interesting engineering study programme to you: Just choose your favourites out of the following:
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Starting with your choices on the left page and then clicking onto the CHECK-button the links fulfilling your special interests will be shown here.
To reduce the number of links you may specify your choice. At any time you may go back and changing (click again into a selected field) or adding (click into an additional field) selected topics.

The GUIDE to the guides is now in the dissemination phase with a still growing dataset. We are interested in feedback to the layout of the GUIDE as well as to its content and functioning. You can find out if a guide to engineering schools of your country is already implemented: fill in only the field “State of study” and check the data base. If there is no link you may help to fill the database with relevant links of your country: please open the website “about us” and sent an e-mail. If there is a link of your country but not of your engineering school you are invited to integrate it into the GUIDE - just sent an e-mail to

Many thanks for your interest in advance!

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